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Inspired by Prohibition era cocktails and years of bartending experience.


PROOF: Our Story



Proof was founded in 2017 by Jessica Moncada-Konte. Born and raised in Oakland, Jessica fell in love with food, wine, hospitality, and most importantly food education after she working at Chez Panisse Restaurant and Café, in Berkeley. As a classically trained bartender, she went on to develop her dedication to the food revolution while working at slow food and farm-to-table restaurants, including Bourbon & Branch, Cask, Pizzaiolo, and Flora.
It’s that same dedication that inspired Jessica to open Doble Mobile Bar, an event catering service specializing in quality wines, spirits and cocktails, in 2013. After the growth of Doble Mobile Bar, it became clear that a physical space for people to gather, taste, and visualize their cocktail experience was needed. In 2017, Jessica went to work on founding a company with mission is to inspire and educate customers about the wonders of traditional and innovative libations, and the joy of making unique, quality drinks for home entertaining, while featuring local wines and spirits. This idea became Proof, Oakland’s Bottle Shop.
Jessica hails from an entrepreneurial family, and is a founding member of some of the Bay Area’s finest restaurants and retailers, including Camino, Red Bay Coffee and Owl N Wood. In opening Proof, she carries on that entrepreneurial legacy while providing the Bay Area area with a new place to connect, learn, shop and make the perfect cocktail.


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